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The comparison of frenectomy using blade versus laser (Nd-YAG): A case report


Benso Sulijaya and Hari Sunarto

Introduction: Abnormalities of frenulum can initiate periodontal disease and orthodontic problems. Objectives: This case report aims to performing and comparing the procedure of frenectomy using blade and LASER (Nd-YAG). Cases: First case, boy 14 years, with abnormalities of labial frenulum that extended to the palate. The second case, a woman 19 years old comes with a severe malocclusion and recession on her lower incisor due to tension of the frenulum. Case Management: Conventional frenectomy with blade for the first case, whereas in the second case we do frenectomy with LASER (NdYAG). Conclusion: Both of two techniques show each strength, same patient safety, similar outcomes and also patient comfort. Further studies should be recommended by adding greater amount of sample.


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