Kashmir Singh

Development of nation depends upon the quality of education imparted to its citizens, which in term depends upon the quality of teachers. The quality of teachers is judged through their work and behavior, which depends upon how well a teacher, is satisfied with itself and his environment. Teacher education in our country has to face the challenge of producing teacher for the new society. However to meet the challenge successfully, it is necessary to improve the quality of teachers. Teaching as a profession is indeed a noble one, conceptually and ideally and it is also different from other professions because of its multitude of dimensions. Teachers are the largest professional group engaged in human development activities. Only in the case of teaching there is much more that is required to be accomplished than in the case of other professions. Training is important characteristic of teaching profession. Therefore in order to benefit the teachers to their roles, a sound professional training is needed. Continuous education there after equips the teachers with adequate knowledge and skills to perform their professional functions. Teaching is a profession which lays the foundation for preparing the individuals for all other professions. It is a well established fact that no nation can rise above the level of its teachers. It is the teacher who plays pivotal role in the educational system and is a catalytic agent of change in the society. A teacher should not only be competent in his subject, teaching methods, understanding the learner but also has a favorable attitude as well as aptitude towards teaching profession and should have interest in teaching .A teacher must possess the various personal and professional qualities. The teacher has got to be a man of wide education. Therefore a wide background of knowledge may perhaps be enough for ordinary man, but it is of little value in the teaching profession. The teacher must know a thing well enough on order to trust others. It is not enough if the teacher knows a little more than his pupils.


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