Symmetry between life emplacement and temperament in women with cancer of the breast and those who are healthy, based on their mood


Mohamed Reza

In this study, we compared life emplacement and five factors of personality in women with breast cancer and healthy ones, in Isfahan, according to their happiness. The study design was descriptive and it was a causal-comparative research. Moreover, the study population included all healthy women and all women with breast cancer, from Isfahan, who have referred to the oncologists of the city in summer 2013. The study sample was consisted of two groups a breast cancer and a control group (in total 50 individuals, every group was 25). The sampling method was a two-stage random sampling which was both simple and available. The tools applied in the present study were as following: Life Orientation Test (LOT), Costa and McCrae’s Five Big Factors of Personality (NEO), and also Oxford Happiness Scale. The data were collected through descriptive statistics (mean and standard deviation) and inferential statistics (multivariate analysis of covariance). The results of such analyses indicated that life orientation and personality traits did not differ significantly in the two groups of healthy women and those with breast cancer, after having control on happiness. According to such results, it can be stated that: it seems having breast cancer do not affect life orientation, personality traits and happiness.

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