Stress in banker�??s life: Demands-control model as predictors of employee�??s activity participation


Saif ur Rehman , Muhammad Aslam Khan *, Hasan Afzal , Waheed Akhter and Imran Ali

The aim of this study was to provide the reliability and validity of job factors and to analyze its association with demands-control model and activity participation in two time cross-sectional study of private and public sector commercial banks of Rawalpindi-Islamabad region. Two time self-reported cross-sectional surveys were conducted, the study samples consisted of 250 respondents at T1 and 200 respondents at T2. Appropriate internal consistencies of the five scales: demands, control, job stress, activity participation and social supports, were obtained. Finally, all five measures were associated with a highly significant ratio of job stress, and the effect was strongest for the AP ratio as predicted by fundamental theory.


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