Solar Photovoltaic Energy: Advantages and Disadvantages


Annie James*

Solar photovoltaic energy is nothing but which directly converts sunlight into electricity by using a concept based on the photovoltaic effect. The photovoltaic effect is used for power generation and photosensors. When radiation from the sun fall on one of the surface of a photoelectric cell which is called as solar panel. When small tiny packets of light energy which are called as photons are seize by electrons, and impart enough energy to remove the electron free of its host atom. Near the upper surface of the cell there is one way membrane which is called as called a pn-junction. There are three types of solar panels they are Photovoltaic cell, Thermal, Thermodynamics. The photovoltaic cells are of three types they are crystalline silicon cells, thin film cells, organic cell, Perovskites. The crystalline silicon cell is extracted from silica and they produce a latter form which also includes quartz that is obtained from sand.


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