Shifting from infectious diseases to non-communicable diseases: A double burden of diseases in Bangladesh


Shakeel Ahmed Ibne Mahmood, Shaiful Ali and Rashedul Islam

Double burden diseases are a serious global problem, which is currently affecting many low and middle income countries, including Bangladesh. However, proper understanding of the need for a joint intervention against both infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases (NCD) has arisen only recently. Excessive intake of calories and poor health hygiene is one of the main common factors behind those conditions and risk factors, along with other lifestyle choices and genetic predisposition. The keys to controlling double burden diseases are primary prevention through promotion of healthy life style which is necessary during all phase of life. Action to reduce should focus on preventing and controlling the risk factors in an integrated manner. Intervention at all levels of society, from communities to governments, private organizations and non-governmental groups, is essential for prevention by amplifying awareness of people about a perfect and healthy lifestyle


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