Prevalent conditions for the moral justifiability of Employing violent force and retaliation; special emphasis in political aspects of human’s life


Ahmed Tadesso

Commonly, employing violent force and retaliation are conceived as irrational and uncivilized ways of human existence. Thus, they are considered as morally wrong acts. But, under certain conditions, employing violent force and retaliation can be morally justifiable. In this Article, I tried to illustrate the moral justifiability of employing violence for the purpose of self-defense, freedom, equality, balance of justice, and maximizing the benefits of the majority in number. By combining both moral and political theories, I attempted to analyze the moral acceptability of violent force and retaliation at the individual and community level; and in the arena of national and international politics. Even through, many research works have been done in this area, no one tried to provide a comprehensive analysis of the moral justifiability of violence and retaliation. To fill this gap, I used liberal, Marxian, Retributive and utilitarian theories in combination. Thus, this Article is well organized and elaborated to provide an important background awareness and direction to other researchers on the need of using combined theories (moral and political) to fully conceptualize the moral goodness and natural ground of utilizing violent force and retaliation in certain political circumstances.

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