Prevalence of Cardiovascular Diseases, Risk Factors and Associated Factors Among Residents of Tanga City


Samwel Jacob Rweyemamu

Cardiovascular diseases are defined as the group of diseases which are affecting the heart and blood vessels. We conducted a cross-sectional community-based study that consecutively enrolled 356 consenting adults who came for a health check at Nguvumali Hospital ground, Tanga, was carried on 2018. Whereby, a structured questionnaire was used to obtain demographic data and gather co-morbid information such as record blood pressure and Body weight and BMI, while a 12 lead ECG and Trans thoracic Echo were done to determine the structural and ischemic heart changes from the participants. Out of 356 participants 75.6% were male while female was 24.4%. Furthermore, female participants had more hypertension and diabetes mellitus compared to male (HTN 45% vs 12.9%) (DM 21% vs 6%).


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