Post traumatic stress disorders among refugees in Jordan


HananJamil Halaseh, Malek Yosef Alkhutaba

This study aims to explore the post-traumatic stress disorders of refugees in Jordan in the light of gender, age, residence duration, qualification, residence place, marital status variables. The total sample consist 765 refugees (340 male & 425 female) who have been left placed and experienced the horror by the war conditions were randomly selected from six different places in Jordan, this study have been used the post-traumatic stress disorders scale developed by Mustafa Shakeeb, 2009.results of the study found that the educated and married refuges havea higher affect as far as the degree of post-traumatic stress disorders, andthe gender, residence place, and qualification variables were also found to have asignificant differences at (α ≤ 0.05) in post-traumatic stress disorder of refugees, furthermore there are no significant differences at (α ≤ 0.05) on the base of age, marital status, and residence duration in Jordan variables.

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