Performance and personal competencies among students at faculties of educational sciences at the Universities of Amman in Jordan


Rania Hikmat Freihat and Rima Alharbat

This research aimed at revealing the extent of the performance competencies and personal competencies of the student/ teacher in the specialists of the class teacher and the child's education, it aimed also to detect the differences between the teachers/ students in the availability of performance competencies and personal competencies according to their specialization (classroom teacher, child education), and according to the system of universities in which they study (public, private). For this purpose, the researchers designed a questionnaire, consisting of (44) items, in which they selected items to monitor the existence of performance competencies (26) items, and (18) items to monitor the availability of personal competencies of the student teacher who is training in the course of practical education in schools from the point of view of the male and female teachers in public and private schools and public and private universities and applied it to (66) teachers from schools in Amman.The two researchers relied on the results of statistical indications based on the statistical program SPSS. The results showed that all items of personal and performance competencies are subject to great approval. It also found that there are no differences in the students' personal and performance competencies from the point of view of the supervising teachers due to the variable of the student's academic specialization (class teacher, child education). As well as the absence of differences in the possession of students personal and performance competencies from the point of view of supervisors teachers according to the variable of university (public, private).


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