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Occurrence of Cystadenocarcinoma of the tongue in the ovary and the appendix


Hend Jaidi Moncef and Issam Abidine

Cystadenocarcinoma is a rare salivary gland tumor which commonly arises in the ovary and the appendix. Only 7 cases have been reported in the tongue with 2 cases described as highly malignant. We report a case of cystadenocarcinoma of the base of the tongue in a 79-year-old man who presented with goiter and dysphagia. Physical examination showed a mass of the tongue. Treatment consisted in a partial glossectomy. The patient was free of recurrences after one year of follow up. Cystadenocarcinoma of the tongue is a very rare tumor on which diagnosis is based on histological findings. The treatment is based on surgical excision. These tumours are reported to have a good prognosis but some cases have been described reported to recur even after many years of follow up.


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