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Jyoti Glory Bernard

The abstract presents an outline of psychodrama therapy that is particularly useful and applicable to the treatment of Alcohol Dependence Syndrome in an inpatient setting. This research is particularly to explore the effect of Psychodrama Therapy on the insight of Alcohol Dependence Syndrome patients. This therapy will help the patients to express painful past situations related to addiction, to explore the personal origins of addiction, to practice situations that cause fear and anxiety about leaving rehab/hospital, to improve interactions with others under the supportive environment of role-playing and to engage in groups sessions that teach interpersonal skills, and allow participants to give and receive support and understanding. While trying to motivate subjects to change their drinking behaviour, it is important to help them perceive the discrepancy between their present behaviour and their personal goals. Psychodrama can be the most effective and innovative group therapy that is different from other widely used psychotherapies. This research will explore the possibilities of increasing the recovery rate and working innovatively on the precipitating factors. This therapy is helpful on its own, which will encourage patients to talk and make sense of the things they feel, things that have happened and things that are currently happening in their lives. This can allow them to take the insights they gain through psychodrama therapy and explore them further.


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