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36th European Neurology Congress 2023
Amsterdam, Netherlands Antilles

Neuro-sarcoidosis, a rare cause of the acute confusion and agitation in young patient


Mai Omer Mohammed Elamin and Einas Mohieldin Khalifa Mohamed

The objectives of this abstract to highlight that Neurosarcoidosis is uncommon type of sarcoidosis, also it’s very severe and fatal sometimes. We have a case of a young 27 years old healthy Nigerian origin man presented with acute confusion and agitation to our acute medical unit. His medical history didn’t show any trauma, fever or weakness, he lives in UK with no contact with TB patient All his investigations were normal FBC, Urea &electrolytes, CRP, LFTS including CSF examination, virology for HIV and Cryptococcal antigen were negative, and toxicology: drug screen also was negative. In addition, he had an EEG which was revealed Bi frontal dysfunction with no ictal patterns. His imaging, the MRI /MRA brain showed thin nodular leptomeningeal inflammatory disease and isolated left pontine micro hemorrhage consistent with Neurosarcoidosis and no features of infarction or vasculitis. He was commenced on high dose of steroids while he was in acute medical department and continued for five days. He was improved dramatically on subsequent days and discharged in a good condition. Our home massage that Neurosarcoidosis is very rare disease that affects 5% of all patients and it will be fatal if not treated. Nonetheless, provid


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