Leadership and management challenges in secondary schools sponsored by church in Kenya: Examining the relationship between principals and sponsors


Andrew O. H and Edwin G. M

The Kenya’s Education Act 1968 and revised 1980 makes provision for the appointment of sponsors in school management and empowers them to participate in the management of schools or colleges that they sponsor. This article reports on the findings of a study conducted in Kenya. The study utilised a survey design which comprised 81 principals drawn from 81 secondary schools. The schools were purposively sampled. Data was collected through the use of questionnaires, both open and closed-ended and was analysed using Statistical package for social sciences resulting in descriptive statistics and were expressed as percentages. The study mainly focused on role of secondary school sponsors and their relationship with the principal. The study findings report that some school principals had excellent relationship with their sponsors, while some blamed sponsors on a number of areas: undue interference with the running of the schools, harassment and intimidation of the principals and also promoting unnecessary transfer of school principals. Other felt that some people nominated by sponsors to serve in the board of governor lacked necessary exposure, skills and knowledge. The sponsors also offered limited or no financial support to the schools they sponsored. It also emerged in the study that Seventh-day Adventist and Catholic Church were the main sponsors in the study.


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