Introduction of hay-box brooder and Fayoumi breed of chicken in small-scale poultry houses at the farmers condition in Ethiopia


Genzebe F. O

The study was conducted in two peasant associations at Meskan Woreda of Gurage Zone, Ethiopia. The objective of the study was to introduce and evaluate Fayoumi chicken, two types of hay-box brooders and small-scale poultry houses at the farmers condition. Twelve farmers were selected for the study and separated into two groups. One group undertook chicks rearing using one box brooder (modified hay-box brooder) while the other group two box brooder type. All households were provided with 20 day old Fayoumi breed chicks and starter ration. It was assigned that, women should be responsible for the given chicks and in handling them. Small scale layer houses were constructed to all household using a participatory approach. The study showed that both type of hay-box brooders (one box brooder or two box brooder type) had similar effect on chicken growth and survival rate, however due to low cost of purchase and smaller space requirement one box type brooder had a significant benefit for farmers. Layers housing got best acceptance by farmers and appreciated by concerned stakeholders with its merits of protection from predators, disease, thefts and easy collection of eggs. On the other hand, due to hardy nature, alert behavior and above all, their high egg production performance and remarkable adaptive fitness, Fayoumi breed had got higher acceptance by farmers.

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