Integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Uganda schools��? curriculum


Bikutwala Alikuraira

This study investigates how Information and Communication Technology (ICT) integration in the primary school curriculum is managed in Uganda. School management practices were conceptualized as planning, organization and coordination. The dependent variable is ICT integration. The study is a cross sectional survey using mainly quantitative data. The population comprised teachers and school head teachers in Mukono District in Uganda. Data were collected using self administered questionnaires using a likert scale. The major finding of this study was that planning, coordination and organization significantly impacts ICT integration. A multiple regression analysis revealed that all the management practices had a casual effect on ICT integration. Recommendations are made that the state should formulate and implement policies to schools to regulate ICT implementation and offer support to school management to enhance their management practices in order to manage the ICT integration process into the curriculum. Based on the research, we propose that more software and hardware should be made available to schools. Further research may measure the management styles and change management strategies that may be adopted in order to successfully integrate ICT into the primary school curriculum. Such a study may be triangulated with the qualitative views from the respondents.


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