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Impact of intervention on knowledge and risk factors of coronary heart disease among teachers in Sokoto, Nigeria


Awosan K. J.1*, Ibrahim M. T. O.1, Makusidi M. A.2, Essien E.3and Adeniji A.4

Although coronary heart disease (CHD) is the most common cause of death in the developed countries, tremendous decline attributable to interventions causing reductions in population risk factors has been recorded in death rates from CHD in them in the past two decades. This study aimed to assess the impact of intervention on the knowledge and prevalence of risk factors of CHD among teachers in Sokoto. A quasi experimental study was conducted among 216 secondary school teachers selected by multistage sampling technique from April to July 2012. Anthropometric measurements, blood pressure measurement, and estimation of fasting blood sugar and cholesterol were done for the participants, together with questionnaire administration. The proportion of participants with good knowledge of CHD was low while the prevalence of the risk factors of CHD was high in both groups at baseline. At postintervention, there was statistically significant increase in the proportion of participants with good knowledge of CHD and statistically significant reduction in the prevalence of its risk factors mainly in the intervention group. Behavioral change communication and health promotion activities to enhance smoking cessation, regular moderate exercise, healthy diet, and reduce alcohol use, should be put in place in homes and workplaces.


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