Immunomodulatory and growth response of L. rohita to dietary fortification of clove and/cardamom extract


Oyas Ahmed Asimi, NP Sahu, AK Pal

Present study was conducted to evaluate the immuno-modulatory and growth response of clove and/or cardamom extracts in the diet of L. rohita. The solvent extracts (ethyl acetate) of clove and cardamom were selected based on the highest antioxidant properties and antimicrobial activities exhibited by these two extracts out of eleven commonly used spices screened for the same. Both the spice extracts were mixed separately or in combination at the level of 0.5 and 1.0%. Thus, six experimental diets were Cl-0.5%, Cl-1.0%, Cd-0.5%, Cd-1.0%, C.C-0.5% and C.C-1.0%. Highest growth rate (P<0.05) was recorded in the Cl-0.5 group. Hepatosomatic index (HSI), gastro somatic index (GSI) and protein efficiency ratio (PER) was also highest (P<0.05) in Cl-0.5 group. Lowest mortality was recorded in the Cl-0.5 group after challenged with Aeromonas hydrophila. It can be concluded that clove extract at 0.5% in the diet promotes growth, enhances antioxidant activity and protects the immunity of L.rohita challenged against A.hydrophila. Further studies are needed to find out the effective use of clove and its extract with special reference to the timing, dosage, and method of administration.


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