Illocutionary Forces of Speech Act in the Novel "Homeland of Glass"


Israa Amer Shamsulddin

This research" illocutionary forces of speech act in the novel homeland of glass" is considered a study of language appearance represented as a dialogue & narrative illocutionary forces, The world research case introduced as a Language philosophy or Language analysis which represented the principle of Speech act. The research divided into three parts: First, the direct illocutionary force which represented by report & news of characters description, novel narrative & conditions, second, indirect illocutionary force. Which is represented as an illustration, explanation, sorrowfully, refusal, support, desire & self revolutionary, third, the stable illocutionary forces which represented by the question & negative tenses. Political, ideological & socially novel examples were represented. The research focused on three steps: First, selected, non statistics samples. Second, the dialogue anal seal as intonation voices as a pragmatic language. Third, the novel represented the aggressive period of Algerian people.


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