Grading of table eggs as a marketing strategy for Nigerian smallholder farmers


Olatunji Tajudeen Fazazi ABANIKANNDA, Abisogun Olubode LEIGH

The major challenges of marketing livestock products are appropriate pricing, preservation and storage. The usual practice on smallholder poultry farms is to sell eggs unsorted. This result in loss of income, decreased marketability and increased wastages. This study aimed at assessing the profitability of sorting eggs and its implication on the farmer’s revenue. A total of 100 trays of unsorted eggs derived from layers of different age groups were weighed and measurements of its width and length were taken. The eggs were then sorted and graded using the American classification system into peewee (P), small (S), medium (M), large (L), extra large (X) and jumbo (J) sizes. About 15% increase in revenue was realized after sorting and grading. With the classification of eggs into fairly homogenous sizes, it was possible to appropriately price the eggs and consumers’ preference for sorted eggs increased marketability of eggs. It was concluded that sorting and grading of eggs could ensure appropriate pricing of eggs, reduce wastage and ultimately increase accruable income to the smallholder farms.


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