Farmers��? perceived livestock production constraints in Ginchi watershed area: Result of participatory rural appraisal


Belay D., Getachew E., Azage T. and Hegde B. H.

A study was conducted in Ginchi watershed area, Dandi district of Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia. The objective of the study was to identify farmers’ perception and ranking of the most important constraints to livestock production, and their perceived strategies to alleviate the problems. Data were collected and analyzed by participatory rural appraisal (PRA) tools for this study. The most important problems of livestock production perceived by the farmers in the study area were feed shortage (100% of the key informants), animal disease (73%) and water shortage and poor quality during dry season (27%), respectively. Farmers ranked feed shortage as key constraint to livestock production. Farmers’ perception, ranking, reasons and strategies to alleviate the constraints to livestock production were discussed. In conclusion, there is need for technical and institutional intervention to alleviate the identified problems to livestock production through improved feed production and conservation, veterinary health care and services, increased availability of water and quality during the dry season.

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