Family poultry production accounts in selected poultry production system in Bangladesh


Khaleda Iqbal Ershad, Surya Bogra

Family poultry production accounts for most of the poultry production system in Bangladesh, but progress is not satisfactory. The present study assessed the existing poultry production and consumption patterns and constraints of poultry rearing of rural farmers in selected Northern areas of Bangladesh. A total of 50 households; 25 from Parakochua and 25 from Baraticry village in the Gaibandha district were selected for this study. The correlations coefficient was computed to determine the relationships among the dependent and independent variables. The findings showed that the average populations of chickens, ducks, and pigeons were 8.4, 7.19, and 6 respectively. Approximately 64% of the farmers were low producers compared to 30% for medium, whereas only 6% higher producers. In terms of consumption, the average among all birds was 8.1, and the highest proportion (74%) of them was in the low consumption category. With regard to poultry knowledge, approximately 78% of the farmers had poor overall poultry knowledge. The three most frequently cited problems faced by farmers in the process of rearing poultry were high prevalence of poultry diseases, inadequate supply of vaccine and medicine and scarcity of feed. Correlations between dependent and independent variables indicated that age, education, farm size, and annual income of the farmers were significantly related to the consumption of poultry, whereas poultry production was positively related to the farmers’ poultry knowledge. It is concluded that poultry production, consumption and rearing knowledge are not satisfactory. Therefore, a need-based extension program should be introduced among the farmers giving more focus on building awareness and ability about poultry production and consumption.

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