Factors affecting behavioral intention to use information and communication technology (Case study: Farmers in Behbahan, Iran)


Mohsen Mousaei

The importance of the application of information technology to agricultural success is obvious, but there is still a long
way to go. In order for the application of information technology to be applied and operationalized in the agricultural
sector, it is necessary to identify the specific factors and the relationships between them. Therefore, the present study
was conducted to determine the factors affecting behavioral intention to use ICT. This study is an applied approach
among farmers in Behbahan city of Iran and from the perspective of the data collection method is a descriptive-survey
study. The staticrical population of this study consists of 8000 farmers in behbehan. Based on the Krejcie-Morgan table,
367 individuals were selected. Simple random sampling method was used for sampling. In this study, a questionnaire
was used to collect basic data. The content and contruct validity of the questionnaire were reported and its reliability was
confirmed by Cronbach alpha. Inferential statistical methods used include normality test, randomness test, confirmatory
factor analysis, and structural equation modeling. Data were analyzed using SPSS and LISREL statistical software.
The results of this analysis showed that performance expectation, effort expectation, social impact, facilitation, personal
innovation, and trust had significant positive impacts on farmers’ behavioral intention for ICT.


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