Exploiting the heterosis and heterobeltiosis of sunflower at plant maturity stage


Ahsan Iqbal, Rabia Saif, Rabia Zafar, Rao Mahabat Khan, Naeem Mahmood and Sumaira Hina

Sunflower is grown all over the world. In Pakistan it is grown in variable climatic conditions and use as a main oilseed crop. Pakistan has low production of edible oil and also has problem of quality oil due to different reasons. To meet the requirements of consumers we have to import the oil at high cost. Still our struggles are of no use to increase the production. Heterosis can be used to develop hybrid to get higher oil yield. Experiment was conducted to find out the best lines by calculating the combining ability including general and specific combining ability, variances, heterosis and Heterobeltiosis. Results shown that line B-SIN-82 and tester RL-54 followed by RL-51 showed the best results for different characters. These inbred lines can be used in the development of hybrids which will be best suitable for our environment and can meet the increasing oil demand. By the use of combining ability and heterosis we can develop sunflower hybrids with better yield and oil contents.


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