Evaluation of pain perception latencies following metabolic alteration of plasma pH


Oyekunle Olanrewaju Akinloye*, Iroko Dorcas Oluwafunke and Akinwande Rukayat Kikelomo

Pain has been a subject of intense and continuous research over the years. Several approaches have been employed in understanding and management of pain ranging from peripheral to central modulation as well as systemic to molecular mechanism of integration. This study is therefore aimed at investigating the role of altered plasma pH in the perception of experimental pain in both chronic and acute model. The results indicated significant (p < 0.05) prolonged nociceptive activity by nerve endings at increasing alkalinity and acidity of the plasma in both models of experimental pain used. In conclusion, plasma condition should be an important consideration in the management of pain because introduction of exogenous substances could shift the homeostatic equilibrium and could eventually affect latency and integration of nociception.


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