Effect of fatigue on proprioception in knee osteoarthritis


Ashish Kumar, Suraj Kumar,VP Sharma

Osteoarthritis (OA) is very common condition with advancing age affecting a wide range of population throughout the world. Proprioceptive deficits and weakness of muscles plays a key role in both developing and progression of knee OA. Above explanation establishes the role of both proprioception and strength improvement. Both the treatment is applied separately in different pathology. However strengthening exercises plays a role in fatigue hence the purpose of this study is to show the temporary effect of strengthening exercise on proprioception. To evaluate the impact of muscular fatigue on proprioception in knee OA. Forty-four patients with knee OA were taken (Mean Age= 53.25±6.09, M: F=1:1.31). For every patient joint position sense error were measured before and after exercise and after four week of strength training again before and after exercise. The Main Outcome Measure was Joint position sense error. Reposition errors did not differ significantly after fatigue. Reposition error pre and post fatigue differences varies from 6.44% to 14.86 % at three different angles. Fatigue produced by moderate exercise also has no effect on reposition error.


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