Dynamics of morphological characteristics of the course of the wound process after uranoplasty in children with congenital cleft of the upper lip and palate


Amanullaev R.A., Ikramov G.A.

Congenital clefts of the upper lip and palate (CCLP) are one of the most common malformations and make up 1.6-3.6% of all congenital malformations [2,4]. Of the many aspects of the problem of CCLP, the clinic of the defect has been studied in more detail, and in this connection numerous highly effective methods of surgical repair of the defect have been proposed. At the same time, the frequency of unsatisfactory outcomes of the operation, accompanied by divergence of sutures, remains quite high [4,5]. According to the literature, the difference in seams after the performed uranoplastyis observed in 16- 52%. The formation of postoperative defects by many authors is associated with errors in the surgical technique and the costs of surgical treatment [3,5].


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