Dynamics of indicators of sex hormones of blood and saliva in patients with wedge-shaped defect of teeth


O.K. Muslimov, and J.A. Rizaev

In connection with an unidentified etiology of a wedge-shaped defect of teeth, the problems of early diagnosis of this disease are of particular importance, which would make it possible in time to form an effective set of measures for the treatment and prevention of the further development of this pathology. This study was aimed to identify the features of the hormonal status of saliva in men and women with a wedge-shaped defect of the tooth. The most statistically significant factors accompanying the formation of wedge-shaped defects were the presence of endocrine pathology detected by the study of saliva and blood. In patients with a wedge-shaped defect of the teeth decreased the levels of free testosterone and estradiol in saliva. Thus, patients hormonal level should be controlled during prevention and/or treatment period.


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