Digital society and Information


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Digital technology, a societal issue as the main title of the 2012 Annual INRIA Report and Industry 4.0 – How digital technology will affect all sides of your company on the cover of the Usine Nouvelle magazine (sept. 2013): two examples to illustrate how much Digital Society is a major challenge for the players of information sciences and technologies in close connection with the human and social sciences. One can understand that this challenge as well as the definition and the resolution of questions about the digitization and/or the effects on privacy, i.e contacts between individuals, relations of the individual and environment, the socio-economic world and the labor organization, etc. This digitization is based on new methods for modeling, capture, treatment, and communication of informations. The collected data could be massive (big data) and become a raw material which be processed, unders- tood, analyzed, managed, or created in order to develop new services.


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