Detailed investigation on bovine trypanosomosis for two years in Sudan


Gbajabiamila EA

Trypanosomosis in animals is caused by extracellular flagellate protozoan parasites under the genus Trypanosoma of Family Trypanosomatidae. This work reports the prevalence rate of bovine trypanosomosis in Kassala State during 2007-2008 and the role of the seasonality in the incidence of the disease., the infection rate of bovine trypanosomosis in Kassala state was 1.58% of total animals examined (1008) in the period from 2007 to 2008. The effect of seasonality in the prevalence of the disease was found to be 0.8 % in rainy season and 2.7% in winter, there was no infected cases reported in summer. It is concluded that the prevalence rate of the disease was higher in winter season than rainy season.

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