Credibility source effect and framing of message on the intuition of consumer risk with consumer product knowledge as a moderating variable



The purpose of this study is to review the literature in the influence of source credibility and message framing on consumer risk perceptions. Marketers need to consider the importance of the sender/source/endorser used in advertising. Sender/source/endorser will convey information, persuade or remind consumers about a product or service. The researchers developed the influence of message framing and source credibility on consumer risk perceptions. Considering that advertising is very instrumental in the decision making of consumers to choose a university and also the importance of promotion to be undertaken by private universities in particular, the researchers are interested in conducting a research related to advertising by universities. This study attempts to examine differences in perceived risk of consumers in advertising by using high and low source credibility and positive and negative message framing. Some research in the related field of study has been reviewed; and some hypotheses have been developed for further study.


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