Codification of Daniel Goleman Scale for emotional intelligence to students at Jordanian Universities


Hiba Hammad

This study attempts to codify "Daniel Goleman," scale of emotional intelligence to the students of Princess Alia university college in Jordan, as this scale has some features such as the liberation of the impact of culture and language. After bringing the scale from previous studies from the Internet, the theoretical side of the scale has been translated and a modified copy was designed. The scale was applied to a sample of (1052) students at Princess Alia University college /Al Balqa Applied University. To answer the questions of the study a number of statistical analysis was conducted to check the effectiveness of the paragraphs of the scale through the extraction of difficulty and differentiation factors of the different levels of the general point average and total sample, and the coefficient correlation with the total score by dual private sequence correlation. The psychometric scale properties, first extract the reliability using Kr20 equation to calculate the internal consistency between paragraphs, the validity of the scale also was measured using formative validity through differentiation rates by tracking the increase in the means and standard deviations of the thirteen categories of the general point average (GPA ). Based on previous results of the analysis, the effectiveness of the scale paragraphs has been proven in terms of difficulty and differentiation coefficients, and Daniel Goleman scale has got high psychometric characteristics (reliability, validity) in a sign that the scale is suitable for application with a university education students in Jordan. As a result, because IQ tests modification requires collective work, I recommend that the Ministry of Higher Education to adopt a draft collective work to modify Daniel Goleman scale for different categories of students to take advantage of them in counseling students operations.


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