Attitudes of English language teachers to motivational strategies in language teaching


Yener Keleş

This study was aimed at investigating attitudes of English language teachers in Mu�?�?la University, preparatory School to motivational strategies in language learning. Teachers’ attitudes to motivational strategies has been found to be effective in terms of increasing students' success in language learning because success, to some extent, depends on motivation in language learning contexts, and motivation can be increased through motivational strategy use. Data used in this study was collected from 35 teachers of English at Mu�?�?la University, Preparatory School. A questionnaire consisting of Likert scale type questions derived from the literature was used to solicit teachers' attitudes to motivational strategies. Data collected by the questionnaire was analyzed by the use of spss (statistical programming for social sciences) was used to analyze the questionnaire. The subjects of this study developed positive attitudes to the strategies; they will be convinced to use them in their language teaching. The use of motivational strategies by the teachers in language teaching will pave the way for the students learning English at the institution to be motivated to learn the language and sustain this motivation throughout the whole one- year period of language learning. This prolonged process of motivation achieved by the application of motivational strategies will provide a means for the students to increase their rate of success in English learning and there for the success of Mu�?�?la University, Preparatory School since being motivated to learn a language is directly in proportion to being successful in learning and mastering the language. However, another study could be conducted to see how often teachers use these strategies when they teach English. Further research can be carried out through classroom observations to find out significant differences between teachers’ attitudes to motivational strategies and their real use of those strategies. Another study can be carried out to see the effect of materials prepared in accordance with motivational strategies.


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