Assessment of the creativity potential of counsellors in secondary schools in Anambra State


Obi Ifeoma Eucharia

The study assessed the creative potentials of counsellors in secondary schools in Anambra State. Five research questions guided the study. The participants were 241 counsellors in public secondary schools in Anambra State. Nicholas Holt creative test was used for data collection. The data were analysed using mean, standard deviation, percentages and Pearson’s Correlation. The result of the study revealed that the creativity level of counsellors is low. The findings also showed that female counsellors have higher scores on creativity than males, and counsellors in the urban schools there high level of creativity then those in the rural schools. Furthermore, the study revealed that a low negative correlation exist between counsellors creativity and age. It was also found that there is a negligible positive correlation between counsellors’ creativity and years of experience. It was recommended among others that institution of higher learning should include relevant course on creativity in the curricular of counsellor educators.


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