Application of GIS for Detection of Ambient Air Pollution of Industrial Area of Gujarat


Ratna Trivedi* and Jay Bergi

Air quality is important to our health and environment, but sources of contamination are often difficult to monitor. GIS technology manages statistical and spatial data to provide a tool that shows the relationship between poor air quality and occurrences of deficient human and environmental health. In this way, a GIS aids in monitoring pollutant emissions. A GIS can be used to track the EPA regulated pollutant emissions by delineating the effects of ozone, smog, dust, and other harmful airborne pollutants on plant and human life. By monitoring those relationships, a GIS becomes a tool conservationists can use to ensure that no further ambient dust occurs.The main aim of study is to analyse variability of pollutants selected industrial area of Gujarat and correlated with occupational health hazard indicator.


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