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An Evaluation of serum magnesium levels in patient suffering from renal lithiasis and role of magnesium supplementation in electrolyte imbalance– a case report and review


Shailja Gupta 1* , Sakshi Sodhi 1, Vivek Mahajan2 and Yamini3

Hypomagnesaemia is common finding in current medical practice mainly in critically ill patients. Magnesium has been directly implicated in hypokalemia, hypocalcaemia and dysrrthymias. We report a known case of renal lithiasis, in a 45 year old female patient, with chief complaint of severe pain in right lumbar region and breathlessness with confirmed electrolyte imbalance. The objective of the present case report was to investigate the incidence of hypomagnesaemia in the critically ill patient and multiple electrolyte imbalance. It was also observed that magnesium (Mg) supplementation corrected the underlying multiple electrolyte disturbances in the patient thus, establishing a positive correlation of magnesium with sodium (Na), potassium (K) and calcium (Ca).


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