Adult learning: The nexus of ESD, ICT, NFE, and finance in developed nations


Evan M. FitzGerald*

Adult education has never been more important as changes to our planet continue to outpace sustainability efforts. Climatic changes once seemingly in our control have devolved into chaos, due in no small part to those who pollute the most – adults in developed nations. Educating adults in developed nations about sustainable development may hold the key to an eventual slowing of climatic changes, or at least enhanced resilience and adaptation. These educational efforts must consider that many adults have completed formal education and that a a different form of education is the best of reaching this population – non-formal education. This type of structured learning outside of a formal classroom environment, paired with information communication technologies and different forms financing can enhance this learning process. This paper explores the nexus between these four themes through a review of the available literature and determines that a gap existed at their confluence. Though this gap may exist for several reasons, it is one that must be filled due to the importance of adult education for sustainable development to current and future generations.


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