Adopting a community based participatory research approach to explore citizenship in mental health within the Scottish context


Nicola Cogan

Citizenship may be a construct typically understood in terms of the duties, rights, obligations and functions someone has as a member of society. In psychological state policy and follow, however, the term has broader reach. individuals with lived expertise of psychological state issues (MHPs), associate degree typically marginalised and excluded population, face obstacles to gaining the complete vary of opportunities that area unit usually offered to the population generally. Citizenship, as a framework for supporting the social inclusion and participation in society of individuals with expertise of MHPs, is receiving accrued attention internationally in academe, policy and health and social care follow. Community primarily based democratic analysis (CBPR) principles were wont to develop a abstract framework of citizenship for individuals experiencing MHPs and/or alternative life disrupting events in European country. the utilization of CBPR replicated associate degree approach adopted as a part of a world collaboration in understanding citizenship across numerous social and cultural contexts.CBPR includes of a variety of approaches and techniques that aim to transfer the ‘power’ from the scientist to the participants. Participants have management over the analysis agenda, its method and actions. most significantly, peers analysisers area unit concerned altogether stages of the analysis method containing assembling knowledge and analysing and reflective on the info generated so as to get the findings and draw assumptions from the research. reflective on adopting a CBPR approach, it's argued that it encourages the event of a model of citizenship that's entirely grounded within the perceptions and lived experiences of individuals experiencing MHPs. the necessity for adequate resources, preparative work, training, analysis management and reflexive follow area unit key to the success of a CBPR approach with peer researchers. Speaker story Nicola Cogan completed her Ph.D. in scientific discipline and social policy/social work (University of Glasgow) and went on to figure in specialist psychological state services for kids and kids before finishing an expert academic degree in psychotherapeutics (University of Edinburgh). She has over fifteen years functioning at the line of adult psychological state services among NHS Scotland; last as a advisor clinical psychologist/clinical lead for a specialist veteran service. She recently joined the University of Strathclyde as a coach in Psychological Sciences in Health.


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