Abundance and distribution of the raptors in Bangladesh


Ashraful Kabir

In Bangladesh, are were a total of seventeen types of raptors including species and sub species. These raptors only belongs to one order of Falconiformes and three different families- Falconidae (5), Accipitridae (11) and Pandionidae (1). Among these numbers, they are divided into eight categories, namely, merlin, kestrel, hobby, falconet, baza, vulture, kite and eagle. There are some differences among these birds. The merlin catches their prey in the time of dawn or twilight and its tail narrow during flight. Pointed wing were found in kestrel and broad tail. In case of hobby, their body was almost streamlined and wing is scythe-shaped. Falconets are small in size than the falcon and it differs from falcon; only their swallow-shrike like flying. The tail of baza was exceptional which is equaled tetragonal. Vultures are now endangered species in Bangladesh, its hind tow is reduced and their perforate nostril is their distinguishable characteristic. In sitting condition, the wing of kite is crossed order and larger than the tail; and finally, eagles showed the excess feather in flank, and when it flies, the middle portion of the wing is broad and feathers are loosely arranged.


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