A systematic review of online survey methodology in aquaculture consumer research


TJ St. Louis*, MXP Filho and RMV Flores

Aquaculture is currently the fastest growing food sector in the world. Therefore, research in this sector plays a significant role in its development. However, one of the major constraints in its development is the frequent improper use of data and methods for analysis. Nonetheless, knowledge production in this field is accelerating and depends greatly on the data collection methods, one of which is online surveys. Online survey research is a prevalent methodology that is widely used in various disciplines in consumer studies, yet several methodological issues still persist. To assess the extent to which aquaculture researchers utilize online surveys in their consumer studies, scientific publications during the period 2014-2021 were reviewed. Scopus and Web of Science engines were used to search the current literature, and 21 studies were identified for inclusion. The review investigates the evolution of science using online surveys in aquaculture. In particular, with the focus of consumer studies, the review identifies and discusses strengths and weaknesses of online survey research as a methodological approach in aquaculture consumer studies and provides practical recommendations and implications for practitioners using this methodology as well as considerations for future studies. The review indicated that online consumer research in aquaculture is still a new and developing concept; however, specific strengths and weaknesses to the methodological approach were observed.


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