A study on the effects of supplementing Aloe vera gel and garlic powder on immune response of broiler


Taraneh J. F. K.

The present study was designed to evaluate the effects of supplementing different levels of Aloe vera gel and garlic powder on blood biochemical parameters and immune response of broiler. For this purpose, one hundred and sixty, one-day-old, Ross chicks were used, in completely randomized design, in four treatments and each with four replicates. The treatment groups consisted of: control group fed only with non-supplemented basal diet, group 2 supplemented with 3% aloe vera in drinking water, group 3 supplemented with 3% garlic powder in diet and group 4 supplemented with 1.5% aloe vera in drinking water + 1.5% garlic powder in diet, which were reared for 42 days. The result of this experiment showed no significant difference in heterophil to lymphocyte ratio at 42 days of age between control and treated groups. The other results of this investigation showed that broilers receiving Aloe vera gel and garlic powder had lower blood glucose, uric acid, total cholesterol, High-density lipoprotein (HDL), Lowdensity lipoprotein (LDL) and Triglycerides concentrations compared to control group. However, higher total protein concentrations were observed with supplementation of Aloe vera gel and garlic powder than control group. Although, there was no significant difference between the control and treated groups in antibody titres against Newcastle and Influenza, the highest amount of anti body titres for Newcastle and Influenza were observed in group - 4 on 18 and 28 days.

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