A Review on Role of Breeding for Rust Disease Resistance in Soybean (Glycine max [L.] Merrill


Asmamaw Amogne Mekonen

This Review has been reviewed in 2018 at Pawe Agricultural Research Center to assess what breeding operations are, that are really impractical in Ethiopia, under consideration for rust resistance as result of various biotic factors particularly foliar infections diminish yields and thus farmer’s income. The review was investigated by inspecting/reviewing various journals which have been written about Asian Soybean Rust that is turning out to be common and severed even in Ethiopia. Soybean rust brought about by P. pachyrhizi additionally called Asian soybean rust (ASR). Hot and humid environment is a perfect condition that can cause soybean rust disease which prompts diminished photosynthetic territory on the leaves and untimely defoliation, favors disease frequency. Breading strategies or techniques for rust resistance are more pertinent to practical sustainable agriculture, reduces the requirement for chemical applications and accordingly, ecological harm. Different breeding methods have been applying to develop resistance variety and to control Asian Soybean Rust and to control Asian Soybean Rust. Among those, screening or recognize germplasms having resistance quality to incorporate it into rust susceptible genotypes, create resistance gene through hybridization, Resistance gene pyramiding, wide hybridization and gene silencing are the significant breeding strategies for development rust resistance soybean materials. As suggestion, As recommendation, even most of those breeding strategies are not applicable due to lack of large modern agricultural biotechnologies like genetic engineering in Ethiopia, the best option is giving emphasis to practice and accustom modern breeding strategies in order to develop rust resistance soybean material.

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