Unregulated herbal products and food supplements: Assessment of safety


El-Olemy AT and El-Olemy MA

There is extensive and rapidly growing use of a wide range of T and CM therapies worldwide. Objective: assessment of safety issues of traditional and complementary medicine (T and CM) practices and products and its related factors. Methods: The current literature was searched for evidence of and factors associated with the safety of T and CM practices and products. Results: Aspects of safety could be explained by multifactorial elements that grouped as: 1) Factors related to unregulated herbal products and food supplements. 2) Factors related to conventional providers of healthcare. 3) Factors related to unregulated providers of T and CM. 4) Factors related to users of T and CM. Conclusion: Assessment of safety and risk of T and CM practices and products depend on combinations of many factors. Governmental authorities need to work on all of these factors collectively to ensure safety of T and CM use.


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