The Metaphysics of Heart


Seyed Mohammad Azin

My topic of speech, has a unique nature subject matter among all lectures in this conference. Since, it???s essence is philo-historical and deals with heart (or kardia ) not as the pulling muscle but as the source of life and origin of ???ego???. Metaphysics deals with the pure essence of a thing. Not its physical analysis, which is exactly subject of physics, chemistry and more developed sciences like medicine and biology; Metaphysics seeks the reality beyond physics of the thing. In ancient and religious ideas, the ???heart??? plays the most significant role in formation of what we call ???soul??? and in addition to physical and medical analysis, heart is deeply under study as a subject for epistemological, anthropological and philosophical concerns. For our contemporaries- who learn just through experiencing and believe just in what they see with eyes of the head-metaphysics of heart seems to be more like a historical joke. But for those do not restrict human knowledge in the experimental sciences, the heart is still the real source of will and the board of receiving human cognitions. In this lecture, I will deal with metaphysics of heart in beliefs of Ancient Greek philosophers, Judaism, Christianity and Islam and its??? impression on our nowadays thought about this vital muscle.


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