The “ENT – TEN”: Ten rules of thumb in otorhinolaryngology that every doctor must know – A review


Olaosun A. O.*, Tobih J.E., and Adedeji T.O.

―If you do not remember anything in otorhinolaryngology, remember the ―ENT – TEN‖. They will stand you in good stead throughout your practice‖. These were among the first words some of us heard as we began postgraduate training in Otorhinolaryngology. The origin of the expression ―ENT – TEN‖ is obscure but it refers to a collection of ten important ―rules of thumb‖ in otorhinolaryngology. Though just learning them at that time, it soon became obvious that they were vital pieces of information that if every doctor, especially family physicians, knew, would significantly increase the rate of early diagnosis of potentially life-threatening conditions and improve the quality of life of patients with several non life-threatening but disabling conditions. For most physicians, exposure to Otorhinolaryngology in Medical School is not adequate, therefore knowledge of these tips and pearls are invaluable. This is a review of these points.


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