Sexual disorders in women depending on age


Dilrabo T. Kayumova

In order to assess the sexual functioning of the surveyed 1686 women from reproductive age to postmenopause (19-70 years), a semi-structured interview method was used in which women answered questions regarding her libido, changes in her sex life, and the presence of a sexual partner. Libido changes were noted by more than half of women of all age groups - from 52.6 to 64%, while significantly lowering of libido was observed in perimenopausal women - in 270 (42.1%) and its absence in women in peri- 112 (17.4%) and postmenopause - in 67 (26.2%). Sexual dysfunction in women is observed in all age groups; however, high rates is set in peri- and postmenopausal women, which requests therapeutic and preventive measuresdevelopment to increase the QOL of women in older age groups.


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