Segregation analysis of cry7Aa1 gene in F1 progenies of transgenic and non-transgenic sweetpotato crosses


Rukarwa R. J, Mukasa S. B , Sefasi A, Ssemakula G, Mwanga R. O. M, and Ghislain M

Sweetpotato weevils are the most devastating pests of sweetpotato causing yield losses ranging from 60 to 100%. Their cryptic nature, where the larvae is found within plant tissues render them difficult to manage especially using chemicals control. Development of weevil resistant sweetpotato was conducted by crossing a transgenic event CIP410008.7 as a female parent with three Ugandan cultivars as male parents. Crossing event CIP410008.7 with New Kawogo, Tanzania and NASPOT1 gave 57, 32 and 19 seeds respectively. A total of 86 F1 progenies were analysed for the presence of cry7Aa1 using polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Expected 608 bp bands were amplified in progenies that contained the cry gene. The gene was integrated at different frequencies in the F1 progenies of different families: CIP410008.7 x New Kawogo (47.2%), CIP410008.7 x Tanzania (52%) and CIP410008.7 x NASPOT1 (44.4%). Chi-square test showed that all the three families followed a 1:1 segregation cry7Aa1 gene ratio. This study shows the transfer of a transgene from genetically modified event into elite sweetpotato lines.


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