Abderrahman Ahmed Mohamed Ismail

Cardiac disease is major cause of sudden death in dialysis patient according to reports from largest international registers. And Left ventricular hypertrophy is strongest independent predictor of cardiovascular mortality in dialysis patients and it is worsening associated with SCD. Several studies demonstrated prevalence of LVH is high among patients on maintenance haemodialysis and many risk factors associated with it was found in these patients are anaemia, hypertension and volume overload. Early and proper management of these factors prevent and regress the development of  LVH, for that many clinical and nephrologist researchers focus their attention on processes and factors that are present in these patients.  Aim: The aim of this study is to determine the prevalence of left ventricular hypertrophy an risk factors among patients on regular haemodialysis in Gezera hospital for renal disease and surgeryMethod : This study(cross-sectional study) was conducted on 70 patients on regular haemodialysis(according to inclusion and exclusion criteria ) , questioner, blood pressure measurement, blood sampling for haemoglobin, ECG and echocardiography was done.Result : patient age was 42 ± 12 years” mean ± SD” (minimum age was 20 and maximum 80 years), and 57% of patients were male. the of LVH found in 68% (by echocardiography ,only 7% diagnosed by ECG),( out 40male patients 30 and out 30 female patients 15). 88%  of the patients had anaemia with Hb < 12 gm/dl, and is found in 44 out 48 patients with LVH, Systemic hypertension with BP>140/90mmHg was present in 74% of the patients ,and is found in 42 out 48patients with LVH, volume overload were present among 63% of patients according to examination(32 out of 48 patients with LVH),A chi squre test was performed to measure relationship between( age, gender,  anaemia, volume overload, HTN and duration of dialysis) and LVH, the relationship was statistically significant between age and LVH, HTN and LVH, DOD and LVH , P value were .001, ,013 and .005 respectively.  : in this study  we conclude that LVH is highly prevalent among haemodialysis patients , and there is significant relationship between age, HTN and DOD and LVH.


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