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Midwife counselling in correct intimate hygiene in fertile women and during pregnancy: An observational study


Nicoletta Fiorentino and Claudio Benvenuti

Various factors increase the risk of genital infections. Adopting prevention measures as a correct lifestyle, and specific active products for intimate hygiene is recommended. This study considers the education in women's health through specialist counselling from the midwife and, at the same time, identifying the most suitable daily cleanser for intimate hygiene of fertile age (Group F) and pregnancy (Group P). Ninety-seven Italian midwives collected personal and clinical data from 384 F and 386 P women, that used a cleanser containing respectively Salvia officinalis (SD) or Thymus vulgaris (SA) extract, manufactured by MedaPharm, Mylan Group. Before starting the intimate hygiene programme, more minor disorders were reported in Group P than in Group F. Pruritus, burning, erythema and vulvovaginal oedema, vaginal discharge and vaginal dryness disappeared significantly manner throughout treatment with SD and SA, and were absent in an average of 90% of cases in both groups at the end of the study. This study confirmed the safety of use, effectiveness in maintaining the equilibrium of the vaginal milieu, and full reliability of the two cleansers under investigation. The professionalism of the midwives contributed to obtaining a high level of compliance in the implementation of promoting women's health by ensuring that the women followed lifestyles and adopted correct daily intimate hygiene habits to protect their present and future health as well as natural procreation.

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