Issues of multipurpose forecasting of ischemic strokes development


Abdullaeva M.B1, Raimova M.M2, Majidova Y.N3, Azimova N.M4

TIA is a recognized risk factor for stroke and, in turn, is associated with the same risk factors as stroke. The mechanism of TIA development is a focal decrease in blood supply to the brain tissue due to damage to the cerebral vessels. The pathogenetic difference between TIA and ischemic stroke is the reversibility and instability of the pathological process and organic disorders in TIA. Our studies have shown a polymorphism of the symptoms of the clinical picture of TIA. Analysis of clinical, medical history and clinical features of TIA revealed their dependence on a number of factors. In particular, these are etiological factors, the dependence of focal symptoms on the vascular pool in which transient ischemia occurred, the level of systolic blood pressure, which determined not only the polymorphism of symptoms, but also the duration of TIA itself.As our MRI studies showed, more often than not, ischemic stroke developed in patients with TIA in the strategic zone of the brain and multi-infarction conditions.


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